Our Courses

Aims of The Courses:


Developing cabinet making skills or learning the art of bringing back to life an old piece of furniture which has suffered the ravages of time, offers not only pleasure for the hobbyist, but could provide the opportunity of a new and very satisfying career.

The aim of these courses is to make the acquisition of the necessary skills a pleasurable and rewarding experience, in an informal and friendly setting, and to ensure that each student progresses as far as he or she is able in the time available. A degree of flexibility in course content is always allowed so that the emphasis can be placed where each individual student finds it most helpful.

The courses are very much “hands-on” in nature. No more than 2 students are accepted on a course, allowing closer personal tuition than would be possible with larger groups, so that real benefit can be gained from your hours spent at the workbench.

Our standard courses are designed to run for 3 days, 5 days or 4 weeks. It is possible however to offer a more extended programme by arrangement.

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