Our 4 Week Course

This course has been introduced to cater for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding and experience of Cabinet Making and/or Furniture Restoration; perhaps with a view to a change of career.

The course is designed not only to provide a thorough training in the necessary technical and hand skills but also to give an insight into the practicalities of a commercial approach to earning an income from working with wood.


Topics covered include:


  • Wood: Its identification, selection, storage, working characteristics and behaviour in furniture and other cabinet work.
  • Hand tools & Machines: Help is given in the selection of hand tools and the important considerations when contemplating the purchase of power tools and machines are discussed. Detailed instruction is given in the care and use of tools and machines.
  • Cabinet Making: Those students wishing to pursue cabinet making will be given the opportunity to take a piece of cabinet work from its initial concept, through detailed design, the selection of materials, construction, finishing and polishing. Students are encouraged to select projects which will provide them with experience of as wide a range of techniques as is reasonable within the time available. Finally the piece made may be costed, any scope for cost reduction considered and its possible sale value discussed.
  •  Restoration: Those students wishing to gain experience in restoration techniques will have the opportunity of restoring as many items as time permits selected from the pieces which students are encouraged to bring with them to work on. In addition exercises in specific techniques such as veneer repairs, staining and polishing will be undertaken. Emphasis is not only placed on techniques for major and minor repairs but on the wide variety of skills needed to cope with staining and colour blending on old pieces, coping with traditional oil and wax finishes, french polishing and some of the modern finishes used.
  • Sources of Supply: Finally guidance is offered on the sources of supply for wood, veneers, inlays, stains and polishes, fittings, tools and machines.


Cost: £1525

Course fees include all tuition and lunches
Materials and fittings etc for students projects are charged at cost.

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