3-5 Day Furniture Restoration Courses

Whether it be antique, period, or its contemporary counterpart, pieces can be damaged in use, or what can be worse, have been badly repaired in the past. Good furniture restoration requires a range of skills which these courses aim to equip you with.

Anyone who has some aptitude for general woodwork, and has patience, can restore their own furniture and the results are a source of great satisfaction. It is for such people that this course has been designed and the knowledge you are able to gain will enable you to carry out repairs and restoration with a degree of confidence.

There is a limit to the amount of ground that can be covered in 3 or 5 days and so having discussed with each student their main interests we select appropriate work to be undertaken. However the topics covered may include some of the following: dismantling furniture, dealing with rot and infestation, loose joints, replacing veneer or inlays, repairing damaged components, treatment of blemishes, colour blending, finishing and polishing (including french polishing).

The programme may also include – judging the age of furniture, an introduction to old construction methods, the identification of different types of wood and restoration techniques particularly applicable to more modern furniture.


Most students value the opportunity to bring along items of furniture or cabinet work which they wish to restore. We very much encourage this but like to discuss it with you by telephone before the course.

Cost of Courses:

3 Days

5 Days

Course fees include all tuition and lunches.
Materials and fittings etc for students projects are charged at cost.

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