3-5 Day Basic Cabinet Making Courses

Absolute beginners are as welcome as those who may have considerable experience working with wood, but who wish to enhance their skills to take on more challenging projects. We take great care to tailor the content of each course to match the skills and aspirations of the students attending.
Machines are used where appropriate, to take the `donkey-work` out of such activities as planing and thicknessing, but the emphasis of the course tends to be on the acquisition of handskills as these are so important.

Where a student specifies that he or she wishes to master the use of particular power tools such as the router, then the course incorporates this.
Having established each students interests a project (i.e. item of furniture or cabinet work) is selected to design & make .

In tackling the project you will cover subjects such as the selection and buying of wood; the selection, care and sharpening of tools; procedures for planing, marking out and making the basic joints; finishing, staining and polishing. (These may include traditional oils, waxes and french polishing as well as some modern lacquers). You may also wish to touch on the considerations involved in designing your own projects, or try your hand at some specialised techniques such as veneering, inlay work or wood turning.

There is always time during the course for much discussion and general advice, and the chance to browse through a range of books which you may find helpful as you continue to pursue your interest at home.

Cost of Courses:

3 Days

5 Days

Course fees include all tuition and lunches.
Materials and fittings etc for students projects are charged at cost.

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